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Happy New Year to you, my reader.

I’ve not been blogging since before Xmas. To some extent, there is so much negativity around in news headlines that it’s all a bit of a blur. So I’ve been focussing on work – our little IT business – and planning 2009 hiking challenges around Britain, one of our great hobbies. This certainly does make one feel much more positive and I think it’s crucial at this time to have an aspiration which takes you away from the decidedly average economic outlook.

I am extremely happy to see that although companies are more careful with their money, the IT sector is still quite buoyant – so it is not all doom and gloom for us at the moment. My first web-based project should go live at the start of March and this is keeping me very busy. It’s also terribly exciting to know there will soon be a website out there that I project managed. Read the rest of this entry »

Today is a historic day for the US – a convincing victory of Barrack Obama, the Democratic candidate, in the race for the White House. Hail Senator Obama, the future first black president of the USA!

Even as I write this, I know it should not matter what colour the face of the winning candidate is. Maybe it will matter less going forward, now that the USA have come this far – but it seems to matter a lot today. So it’s a victory for racial equality, amongst other things. And this alone would have made it a historic day.

Politically and economically, this victory gives the US a chance for change. And it gives the rest of the world a hope that the US will show us a different face. We hope that the USA will stop interfering in other countries’ political affairs, stop being aggressive and act as a policy-maker around the globe. It does not own the world – so we would like to see it behaving like an equal to other nations.

We would like the US to take concrete environmentally-conscious steps and set an example for tackling global warming and investing in alternative energy technologies. Many have paid lip service to this matter in the past but not much has been done. We make no mistake, this is a huge challenge which needs to balance the need for ongoing economic development of the country with ways to make it much greener, fast. But now is the time to step up and really do something.

Last night, US citizens have chosen change over more of the same. It is up to Barrack Obama to lead them through to change he has been talking so eloquently about during his campaign, and to inspire the whole country to adopt the new ways.

Governments can only do so much. It is the electorate that often makes it happen. Senator Obama has scored an unprecedented victory last night which shows he has the support to make change happen. We have seen historic pictures of people queuing up to vote in this election. The Americans have come out in their millions and said that they have had enough of the status quo of the previous presidency. Don’t waste this chance, Obama!

Will Barrack Obama stay true to his ideals once he is in place? Will he change the face of the USA on the international political landscape – or sway under pressure from various lobbies and moderate his election campaign principles? Many have fallen victim to pressure in the past.

Only time will tell whether Obama will stay strong and see through his inspirational ideas. We hope he does – and that today we have seen the start of the new era for the US and the world.


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