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Hello. It’s me again. Yeah it’s been a long, long while. I’ve been busy…

Busy trying to survive what life’s been throwing at me especially since Feb 2010, when this blog came to an abrupt halt. Busy trying to keep my head above water. Busy coming to terms with the choices I’ve made in my life and their consequences, at times having to dodge suicidal thoughts, and busy looking to define a new purpose in life.

I think that’s going to be a long ongoing process. I am by no means done with finding myself. CuriouslyInspired is still a lost soul, lost but searching hard.

I’ve been reading about core values recently, here is one link that I can share: for example. Life can be much easier when you acknowledge your values – and when you make plans and decisions that support these; then you are not trying to swim against the current all the time… it says, in a nutshell.  Whether this is the full story about happiness and fulfilment, I don’t really know, probably not. But I do have a feeling I have had a disconnect between my own internal values and my life’s decisions for many years, and when I think about it hard and honestly enough I know that I’ve not been truly happy and fulfilled in all aspects of my life for such a long time –  maybe as far back as since finishing my degree in 1995.

Not to say these are wasted years, no, far from it. But life has been a struggle in so many ways, and so often I have felt I have been fighting myself more than anything.

So I am going to try and resurrect this blog and use it as a space for my own thoughts.

I am not going to delete the old posts from here, but just accept the shift towards the more personal.

Finally, a closing thought for today. In the past I shared the fact that I have this blog with a couple of very dear friends of mine. Whilst we had some very interesting discussions on here in the past, I did in the end feel that I could not carry on blogging as I felt that I lost my anonymity and thus my freedom of expression. We spoke about sensitive things like religion and in real life I hate risking offending people or having misunderstandings on subjects like that, so gradually I withdrew from the debate myself. I hope any friends of mine who might still have this feed on RSS will understand this but I can only resurrect this blog anonymously and I will therefore assume that they are unaware that it’s back in action again and that they are not reading it anymore. And maybe it’s best that they just forgot about it and deleted it from their RSS feed and did not mention the whole sordid business to me in future. Please? I thought about changing my user name and the blog name to keep going in secret now I’ve decided to restart – but I dearly love my username and the title of this blog – so there! My deep apologies to anyone who knows me personally, but I hope – really hope – that you will understand and respect my request thus expressed x

Copyright 2012 CuriouslyInspired

It’s pretty frightening to think that 2 months have whizzed past just like that. And to anyone who might have been aware of the existence of this blog, it will justifiably seem like CuriouslyInspired has vanished for ever.

Well, it is not quite the case. Only I have been so busy with our business stuff that I literally don’t know where the time goes, and blogging has unfortunately not been a priority.

I have recently been working on dragging our company into the 21st century communications-and marketing-wise. Hopefully that is all that we have been lacking, as since we are independent software vendors, we are in the 21st century already! So, a few weeks ago, we appeared on Twitter – and we are now setting up new blogs on Blogger. Those latter blogs will be far more personal in the future – I see no reason to hide behind a pseudonym anymore for myself. I will run my own blog focusing on project management. Still, CuriouslyInspired is not dead – I enjoyed the experience and the whole experiment, as this is how it started for me – it’s just that I never truly defined my own niche to make my own and to write about. Well, having had a break from writing, and having missed it, I would like to try again. 

So if any of my old readers are still out there, so am I….



I am not a long term experienced blogger. Mine was only started out as an experiment this September – I have to say I am enjoying the experience, if finding it a bit time consuming as it can be very involving. There are several returning readers and it’s great to interact with (anonymous) people around this planet and share ideas.

The reason my blog was an experiment is that I wanted to see how much interest there would be in what I have to say if I don’t promote my blog in any way amongst anyone who knows me. So apart from two close people in my family, no other friends or family know I am doing this. It feels quite liberating, actually, and yes as you can see from the stats I am getting a few hits, so obviously someone cares to read my stuff. Great!

But here is something that caught my attention the other day. Wired and several other sites are hailing the end of blogging. The key issue the author is noting is that compared to 2004, there are just too many professional journalistic voices out there in the blogosphere that make it nigh to impossible for amateur bloggers to get noticed. Many experienced bloggers are pulling the plug on theirs. And they advise others to reconsider starting a new blog or continuing with an existing one.

Another problem is that Twitter, a competing site, through limiting the number of characters to only 140 (that’s a few words only, right?), is very fast moving. It allows one to get to the point fast without agonising about the choice of words or the structure of one’s essay-like post.

This is making me ponder over the question of whether it is worth keeping my own blog going in the longer run – and what am I personally trying to achieve with it. As I’ve not got an established track record, no-one would notice me vanish back into obscurity 🙂  

Which feels a bit sad, as I am enjoying my newly found anonymous virtual life, and learning quite a few things en route whilst chatting to lots of people, so I won’t do this just yet.

Read the Wired article here.

Any thoughts on “decline of blogging” from the readers of this post? What motivates you to keep your blog or website going at the moment?

I am Curiously Inspired. I move through life and time, thinking and doing, watching and taking part, making peace and fighting, trying to do the best I can – or getting despondent – like so many of us. I don’t claim to be special. And I now know that I will probably never set the world alight, much as I wanted to, although I can still dream. I have opinions and tend to keep them to myself – maybe here I will do better. And I don’t write for fame and glory – it will be enough to connect. Really, I just want to try and start this – call me Curious!

I chose my own nickname from a line in my poem that I started writing years ago and never finished. It goes

Curiously inspired

By the symmetry of being…

Looking for a flash of inspiration to come and help me express my sentiments better.

Meantime I hope to talk to you all soon. Leave a comment at any time!


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