I had this one sad little scammy-spammy message sent to my blog the other day. Clearly the example of Nigerian scammers is being followed by scammers all over the world – apparently in India in this instance.

One only wonders how people still get taken in by this cr*p?! Probably enough to make it worthwhile for the authors?

Dear sir,
Greets from Tamil Nadu,India and this is my humble request that as granted me newyork first city bank as per instruction I have to pay 2210USD then I have wire transfer the huge amount here sir,but we are inability at this moment and if you help me so as to pay to the bank on my behalf it is assure that while getting wire transfer here at that moment immediately to send to you without any delay the amount you have paid for me and never forget your help as this is for our live and my sons higher education sir,please kindly consider and help me sir as this is my golden offer and by god!s grace sir.Please help me sir one to help other in the world sir.I keep my words for ever sir,please believe cent percent sir.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Quite a pathetic little message, really.