We’ve decided to set up business blogs for each one of our key employees and link a feed from those to our website’s pages.

This seemed like a grand idea – I had a fair amount of experience of WordPress and was looking forward to writing a new blog. However we needed to create sub-domains (as in myname.mycompanywebsitename.com) for each one of us, and WordPress does not support this easily. So after a little bit of searching around we found Blogger that does seem to support sub-domains, and set up our new business blogs’ home there.


Honestly, 2 days into Blogger, I am so regretting we cannot use WordPress! For the life of me I cannot understand how even to find other people’s posts on Blogger. It seems you need to fill out your Google profile, specify your interests in a list or series of lists, and then click on those keywords entered to find people who write about the same stuff. This seems like a daft idea to me – what if I write something incredibly interesting today but that is outside my declared remit of interests as per my profile? No-one will ever get to read that!

I might be mistaken, but Blogger seems to not have the concept of a community approach imbedded in it. And that’s why I am not sure that us putting our business blogs there was a smart move for us – and maybe we will end up trying elsewhere later.

Anyone has had any experience of blogging on Blogger and do you think I am right in my understanding of how it works?