I want to tell you about an awesome story I came across this weekend.

Ray Edwards, a British guy, had successfully defeated cancer in the eighties, but this left him with a weakened immune system. He became critically ill with blood poisoning after cutting his hand at work on a building site. As the result, to prevent gangrene, doctors had to amputate all his limbs.

Having survived the shock of losing both his arms and legs, Ray nevertheless rebuilt his life, learnt to drive a car post his amputations, to ski, and is now learning to fly a plane. He is now working as a chieft executive of the Limbless Association and has his own company, “Ray Inspires”, the title and remit of which should speak for itself.

Ray’s left arm is a high-tech prosthetic which recognises muscle impulses. It has five fingers, all of which move separately. The rest of his prostherics are standard.

Ray said that he used to think that if he had known he would lose his limbs in the future, he will not have wanted to live. However now that he knows he has gone through it all and come through to the other end and rebuilt his life, he is happy.

“The amputations were carried out on Friday 13th and at the time I just felt like giving up and lost the will to live. Now I see that day as the day my life was saved.”

“I wish when I had gone through my amputations there had been someone there to tell me there was hope. I hope people hear what I have done and realise there is always hope. You can get through it.”

You can find a photo of Ray on this link.


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