It appears that the two countries are at it again. Russia is responding to this summer’s US-Poland deal for creating a missile defense shield in Europe by warning that it will take “appropriate action” in turn. Which means it wants to continue showing the West the favourite Russian response of “we are big, we are strong and we take no sh*t“. Stick warheads everywhere. Hmm.

We’ve been here before. Where has all the good work at reducing the stock of nuclear warheads of both countries in the past 20 years gone?

But can Russia sustain this now? According to on the 26th August, Russia does not really have the internal resources to support a fully-blown cold war anymore.

Also, due to capitalism well and truly taking hold in Russia, the government has lost its ability to squeeze every last drop out of its country to support the cold war and “achieve the highest degree of authoritarianism” without the whole economy going to pot as the result: Link

But they can always try, and knowing Putin try he might!

Do I find this inspiring? No. Perhaps I should call myself today CuriouslyVeryUneasy.