I am Curiously Inspired. I move through life and time, thinking and doing, watching and taking part, making peace and fighting, trying to do the best I can – or getting despondent – like so many of us. I don’t claim to be special. And I now know that I will probably never set the world alight, much as I wanted to, although I can still dream. I have opinions and tend to keep them to myself – maybe here I will do better. And I don’t write for fame and glory – it will be enough to connect. Really, I just want to try and start this – call me Curious!

I chose my own nickname from a line in my poem that I started writing years ago and never finished. It goes

Curiously inspired

By the symmetry of being…

Looking for a flash of inspiration to come and help me express my sentiments better.

Meantime I hope to talk to you all soon. Leave a comment at any time!